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With a single glass sheet neatly positioned at the rear of the phone, the black glass of the iPhone 11 is exquisitely constructed. The IP68 glass on the iPhone 11 is the strongest of all the devices; it can withstand water up to two meters deep for thirty minutes. and is impervious to spills of any kind, including coffee or other beverages.


When does the back glass of the iPhone 11 need to be fixed

When the back glass on an iPhone 11 gets broken or cracked, it is changed. Small cracks, like a scratch or a piece of broken glass, can be hidden by the case. But if you don’t take care of them, they can get bigger and hurt your finger or the finger of a child. You should always look at small cracks in the glass. You can always have a professional fix any cracks you find. You can get the best work done at the PhonoFix store by pros, and your glass will be fixe.d right away.


Important steps to take to change the back glass panel

Following are the major steps followed to replace the back glass panel or iPhone 11:

  • What you needed: As well as a heat gun or hair dryer, you will need a suction cup, a plastic pry tool, a Phillips screwdriver, and adhesive strips to change the back glass panel on your iPhone 11.
  • Turning off: The gadget needs to be turned off before replacement can begin.
  • Taking out the screws: To take out the screws on the bottom of the iPhone 11, near the charge port, you’ll need a screwdriver.
  • Using heat to loosen the glue: Put heat on the sides of the back glass panel with a heat gun or hair dryer. This will make the glue less stiff, which will make it easier to take off the glass.
  • To use a suction cup: To use the suction cup, put it on the back glass panel of the iPhone 11 and carefully lift it off of the phone. To keep the device from breaking, be careful not to put too much pressure on it.


  • To use a plastic pry bar: To use a plastic pry tool, first lift the back glass panel. Then, carefully separate it from the iPhone 11 with the plastic pry tool. To loosen the glue, work your way around the edges.
  • Cleaning the glue residue: To get rid of any glue residue that’s still on the iPhone 11, use a cleaning cloth or an alcohol wipe.
  • Putting on the adhesive strips: Place the strips on the edges of the iPhone 11 where the back glass piece will go.
  • Putting in the new back glass panel: Make sure the replacement back glass panel is lined up correctly with the iPhone 11 and press down hard to hold it in place.
  • Change the screws: Use the screwdriver to put the screws back in at the bottom of the iPhone 11.
  • Switch on: Turn the device on to make sure the new back glass panel is in place firmly and working right.
  • The new back glass piece is tested: Check the camera, flash, and wireless charging to make sure everything works right before testing the new back glass panel.

How to keep the back glass from getting damaged again

➔ A good protective case can keep harm to a minimum to a much greater degree. You can find a case with raised sides and shock absorbers to protect the glass.

➔ You should keep your iPhone off of rough, hard surfaces and handle it with a soft, not rough, hand.

➔ Be very careful when you handle your phone so it doesn’t fall, and don’t put it down in places where it could fall.

➔ Use a thick back glass protector. You can get a high-quality back glass protector from the PhonoFix store that fits perfectly and lasts a long time.

➔ Keep your phone away from hot places, as this can also cause the glass to crack.

➔ While you use the soft wipes or a soft cloth, keep your phone clean.

➔ You might also want to buy protection or a warranty that covers any damage you cause to your phone by accident. If not, you can always call PhonoFix to fix it, which will make things easy.

How long does it take to change the iPhone 11 back glass

It takes about one to two hours to replace the back glass on an iPhone 11. Expertise and special tools are used to make sure the repair is done right and doesn’t hurt the device anymore. Different places take different amounts of time to replace an item, but the PhonoFix store responds and does your job very quickly and well; the replacement might only take 15 minutes.

Advantages of having a professional iPhone 11 back glass repair

Quality repair: Getting the back glass of your iPhone 11 fixed by a professional makes sure that the job is done right and with high-quality parts, so your phone looks and works like new.

Repair warranty: A lot of skilled repair shops offer repair warranties. This means that if there are any problems with the repair, you can get it fixed for free.

Protection: Repairing the back glass of an iPhone 11 can be a delicate process, and attempting to do it yourself can result in further damage to the phone or even injury. A professional repair ensures that the repair is done safely and correctly.

Time-efficient: Professional repair shops have the tools and knowledge to quickly and correctly fix the back glass of an iPhone 11, which saves you time and trouble.

Resell price: worth when you want to sell your iPhone 11: Getting the back glass fixed by a professional can help keep its worth because it will look and work like new.

That’s why you should only trust PhonoFix to fix your iPhone 11’s broken back glass!


The ideal location to get your back glass changed is the PhonoFix store. You will receive prompt response and highly skilled personnel will swiftly and effectively resolve the issues. Broken back glass on a phone should never be used; it can be rather dangerous. What more than need you to wait? Should the rear glass of your iPhone 11 be broken, get in touch with the PhonoFix store right away.

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