iPhone 13 Screen Repair: Fix Cracked or Broken Screens

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Is the screen on your iPhone 13 broken or cracked? Do not worry! You might not like having a broken screen, but it’s easy to fix. With our help, you can fix the screen on your iPhone 13 and it will look and work like new.


Our skilled tech experts, who are based in Maldon, Braintree, Chelmsford, Ingatestone, and Brentwood use high-end parts and cutting-edge tools to make sure the repair is done quickly and correctly because we know how important your phone is to you, we’ll work quickly to get it back to you as soon as possible. You can trust Phonofix company to fix your iPhone 13 screen so you can enjoy your phone without any problems.

How do I fix the screen on my iPhone 13?

iPhone 13 screen repair involves skilled technicians repairing damaged or broken screens, such as cracked, broken, unresponsive, or discolored, and restoring functionality if necessary.

The damage can vary in small or severe. A “destroyed screen” is when the screen is broken and has a pattern of a spider web on it. When the tablet doesn’t work or some parts of the screen fail to touch, it’s called an “unresponsive screen.”

The steps we take to fix things are:

  1. Check: We look at the damage and make sure the fix is easy to do.
  2. Getting ready: We clean and arrange the phone so it can be fixed.
  3. Discarding the Screen: We carefully take out the broken screen.
  4. Screen Alternate: We set up a new, high-quality screen that works with Apple products.
  5. Testing: We promise that the keyboard and screen on the phone will work properly.
  6. Check for Quality: We look at the phone to make sure the fix meets our high standards.

Your phone will have a brand-new screen that works and looks like the old one after the repair! Our expert machinists use high-quality screens and tools to make sure the repair is stable and will last.

Why do I need to fix the screen on my iPhone 13?

If your screen is broken or cracked you need screen fixation, it can be hard to see or use your phone. You might have dropped your phone and broken the screen, or you might accidentally scratched or smashed it.


No matter what caused the screen to break, whether it is broken by moisture or water, it can be a normal problem. If you don’t fix it, it can even lead to unfavorable problems.

Our skilled techs can quickly repair your iPhone’s screen and make it work like new again! We use tools and premium screens to make sure the repair is firm and long-lasting. The company Phonofix can fix your iPhone 13 screen so you can use your phone again without stress.

Different Kinds of iPhone 13 Screen Damage

Cracked Screen: If you drop your phone or rub it against something hard, the screen could get broken.

Destruction: A screen that is destroyed completely, is the worst kind of damage because the screen is broken and might not be working.

Moist or Water Damage: When your phone is exposed to water or moisture, that can lead to damage. This happens if the drive breaks down or the circuits briefly short out.

Touchscreen problems: When you touch the iPhone 13, the screen either doesn’t respond or is hard to use.

Display issues: The screen shows wavy lines, bumps, or colors, or it’s difficult to see clearly.

Scrapes: Line-like marks on the screen that are small or deep.

Burn-in: A picture that never goes away on the screen, like a horrible image.

Finished Pixels: Small white or black dots that are dispersed across the screen.

How do I repair the screen on my iPhone 13?

To ensure a high-quality repair, our skilled machinists follow an Organized process:

  1. Diagnose: We figure out how bad the damage is and make sure that it can be fixed.
  2. Getting ready: We clean the phone and get it ready for repair.
  3. Taking Off the Screen: We carefully take off the broken screen.
  4. Replacement Screen: We put in a brand-new, high-quality screen.
  5. Testing: The phone is put through tests to make sure everything works well.
  6. Quality Check: The phone is checked to make sure the fix meets our high standards.
  7. Repair: We hand you your phone back with a brand-new screen and a big smile on our face.

Our experienced people use certain tools and techniques to make sure the job is done correctly and quickly. You can be sure that your phone will function just as well as the day, it was purchased because we only use high-quality screens made just for the iPhone 13.

Screen fixation Time for iPhone 13

It’s not a difficult task to fix the screen on an iPhone 13. Within thirty minutes to an hour, our expert people can set up your screen. You can’t even have enough time to miss an episode of your TV show! We understand how important your phone is to you, so it’s our duty to work quickly and properly to return it to you soon.

In most common cases, if we need to buy a certain part or if your phone isn’t working right, it might take a while. Our team will let you know if it will take longer and keep you up to date on the progress of your repair. We’ll fix your phone efficiently and give it back to you so you can use it once more without any issues.

What Kind of Screen Do You Use to Fix It?

We use authentic-grade screens of higher quality that meet Apple’s standards. These are our screens:

  • Designed to work perfectly with your phone
  • It has the same great screen as the first one.
  • It has a touchscreen that works the same way as the original.
  • It lasts a long time and doesn’t scratch or crack easily.
  • It fits your phone just right.
  • Meets the high standards of Apple

It’s like getting a brand-new screen from a reliable source. It will make your phone look and work like it did when it was first bought.


This higher-quality screen lets us make sure that fixes last and are reliable, so you can be sure that your phone is in good hands!

Adding More Repairs

When we’re choosing the screen for our iPhone 13, we sometimes run into other issues that need our full attention. That’s where more fixes come in! We can fix these extra holes at the same time as the screen repair so your phone works perfectly again.

Here are some usual extra tips:

  • Fixing a microphone or charge port that doesn’t work
  • Changing a camera or battery that is broken
  • Fixing damage from water or rust
  • Fixing issues with the speakers or volume controls on your phone

We will always let you know if we find any other issues and give you a clear estimate for the extra fixes before we start working. You can then pick and choose what to fix.


We will work Immediately to fix everything instantly so that you can take your phone back quickly and avoid having to come back for multiple repairs. We want your phone to work like new again, and we’ll do everything we can to make that happen!

Why Should You Choose Our Service to Fix Your iPhone 13 Screen?

If you choose our service to fix your iPhone 13 screen, you get more than just a quick fix. You are getting a good repair that will make your phone work and look like new again! Our expert mechanics only use the best parts and tools to make sure the work lasts. We work quickly and well. So quickly get your phone back. Also, our prices are low and we’re not expensive.

We also stand behind our work with a promise, so you can rest easy knowing that your phone is safe. Not only that! Our customer service is top-notch. So you can expect to talk to nice and helpful people during the repair process.

We’ll keep you updated on how your work is going and answer any questions you have. Our goal is to make sure you’re happy with your repair.


If the screen on your iPhone 13 is damaged or cracked, no need to worry about it! Our skilled screen repair service will get it fixed right away and perfectly. We use higher-quality screens and cutting-edge tools to make sure the repair is stable and will last. Our technicians are skilled and quick, so you’ll get your phone back quickly. You can trust Phonofix to fix your screen and let you use your phone stress-free again. Get in touch with us right away to set up a repair and make your phone look and work like new again!

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