Guide to Repairing the Screen of iPhone 13 Pro: Step-by-Step Instructions

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Experience trouble with your iPhone 13 Pro screen? PhonoFix is here to assist you in  Maldon, Braintree, Chelmsford, Ingatestone, and Brentwood restoring its functionality with top-notch customer service, ensuring your satisfaction.


Here are the following steps to repairing the screen of the iPhone 13 pro:

Step 1: Take the screws off the bottom.

Turn off the iPhone 13 Pro.

Use a tool to take out the screws from the bottom of the iPhone 13 Pro.

Opening the iPhone 13 Pro screen risks its waterproof seals, so keeping it dry while it’s being fixed is important.

Step 2: Warm up the phone’s bottom.

For 90 seconds, a heat gun is used on the bottom of the iPhone 13 Pro to make the screen a little hot.

Step 3: Put the suction handle on.

Start by putting the suction handle on the bottom of the phone. Be careful not to touch the screen’s edge.


Always slowly pull up on the suction handle to make a space between the front panel and the rare case.

Then put the opening pick in the space between the two.

Step 4: Warm up the iPhone’s right side.

After putting the opening pick in the gap at the bottom, heat the right side of your iPhone 13 pro for 90 seconds with a heat gun until it gets hot. 

Step 5: In the fifth step, remove the right adhesive.

From the bottom corner, move the pick up to the top right corner.

Leave the pick over there before going on.

Step 6: Warm the edge

For three minutes, hold a heat gun to the top edge of the iPhone screen until it feels a little warm to the touch.

Once all the edges are hot, move the pick around them. Move the iPhone slowly and only with a 3mm top.

Step 7: Information on the screen

Please remember that there are wires on the left edge, and you should never put a pick there. You could damage those cables.

Step 8: Open your iPhone

Open your iPhone on the right side and hold it back until it starts to work.


Step 9: Disconnect the sensor

  • Take out the battery and put the cover back on.
  • Take the battery out.
  • Take the display cover off.
  • Take the front sensor off and put the cover back on.
  • Take the base for the front sensor off.

Step 10: Moving the parts to a new screen

Put all of the sensors back together.

When should the screen on an iPhone 13 Pro be changed?

Here are some common signs that you need to get a new screen for your iPhone 13 Pro:

  • The screen has no color.
  • The touch screen not working
  • The screen is stained
  • The screen is hot. There are dead dots.
  • Screen lines

Pros and cons of getting a new screen for your iPhone 13 Pro from experts

If you drop your iPhone 13 Pro, the screen will become blank or inactive. PhonoFix can fix or replace your broken screen as soon as possible and for the best price on the market.


Having a professional replace or fix the screen is a good idea for many reasons. From the experts at PhonoFix, here are some of the benefits of getting a new screen.

PhonoFix can replace your screen much faster and more accurately than you can do it yourself. This company does its best to give great customer service and get customers their phones as quickly as possible.


Protecting your warranty

When you replace something at our company, it usually comes with new parts and works.

Taking care of common worries

A lot of customers are worried about how much it will cost to fix the screen.  We promise that customers will get the best service and facilities, which will make the price well worth it.

Tips for Protecting the Screen of Your iPhone 13 Pro

  • For individuals who have invested a significant amount in the iPhone 13 Pro, nobody desires an accident to spoil it.
  • Anyone can save their iPhone 13 Pro by following a few easy steps.
  • Anti-scratch finish
  • Bubble-free fitting that is quick and easy
  • Protection doesn’t change the quality of the pictures.
  • Touch screen sensitivity has been raised.
  • Surface that is easy to clean
  • Putting a good screen cover on your iPhone is the best way to keep it safe from harm.

What kind of case works best for the iPhone 13 Pro?

The Spigen Tempered Glass screen cover is one of the best ones made just for the iPhone 13 Pro screen. “This product is environmentally friendly and boasts numerous trust certifications to support its claims. Remember, while applying a screen cover doesn’t guarantee complete protection against damage, it does effectively prevent scratches and other potential harm to your screen.”


The real iPhone screen and the copied iPhone 13 pro screen

Most of the time, our customers ask us, “Which screen is better: the original or the copy?”

The easy answer is that Apple designs the original screens, while a third party makes the copies on their own.

This copy of the iPhone 13 Pro is not even close to as good as the real thing, and the price difference is very small. Always choose the original screen because it is the best choice.

There is less contrast, brightness, and color on copy images than on the original screen.

The copy screen is not as strong as the original screen.

The copy screen is not nearly as good as the original screen.


PhonoFix can help you find the best guide for fixing the screen on your iPhone 13 Pro. Find out how to get your screen fixed or replaced by a professional and how to protect your screen. A reputable company that offers reliable services and repairs, explains the steps you need to take to fix the screen on an iPhone 13 Pro. Buy a good screen cover for your device to keep it safe. Keep in mind that the original screen is much better quality and that the copy screen may not last as long.

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